Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Make A Vintage Style Star From A Cereal Box Tutorial

See what you can do with a cereal box......

You can make a pretty vintage looking Christmas star! I've seen several paper stars around Blogland and decided I needed to try it myself and thought I would share what I did.

Some of the supplies you'll need..........

Cereal Box (or other food box or sturdy cardboard)
Star Template--found HERE.
Old sheet music or paper of your choice
Mod Podge--I'll share how to make your own--it's so much cheaper!
Pen or Pencil
Sponge brush or make up sponge
Bone folder--optional
Embossing Stylus

If you have an old rotary mat they make great work surfaces!

Print out the Star Template on plain white paper. You can size it to whatever size you like. I chose an 8 x 10 print size and my star measures approx. 6 3/4 x 8 3/4.

Cut out.

Cut out the front of the cereal box.

Lay the star template on the cereal box--I layed it on the printed side, so my pen marks wouldn't show on the back, but really it doesn't matter which side you choose.

Trace around the outside edge of the star.

Don't worry about the inner lines of the star just yet.

Cut out the traced star shape.

Next, tear up your sheet music into random pieces. I do this so that I have a better coverage of the music staffs and not so much blank space in between.

I had some old sheets from another project that had been tea stained.
To tea stain your sheet music, if needed, mix up about a cup and a half of very strong instant tea. Pour into a large baking dish, dip the sheet music into the tea mixture and then lay flat to dry or dry it with a blow dryer. Iron if needed to make it flat again.

Next, I laid my pieces around my star shape to get an idea of where I wanted them placed.

Then using a make up sponge or sponge brush--my sponge brush was a bit too used to work well enough for me--brush the star with the Mod Podge.

I used homemade Mod Podge and it works great! All it is, is 1 part all purpose white glue and 1 part water. In an old jar empty out a full bottle of white glue. Fill the glue bottle with water. Shake it up really well to get all the glue off the inside of the bottle and then pour into the jar with the glue. Shake to mix well. This is so cheap and works beautifully. I learned how to do this from HERE.

Now place all the paper pieces in their spots around the star and press them down.

Roll over them with your brayer.

I use a fancy used dollar store lint roller. Works like a charm!

Turn your star over and trim off the excess paper.

All nice and trimmed and ready to have some fold lines added................

Turn the star over to the backside and line the star template up to it...........

Using your stylus (or a ball point pen) trace along each of the lines inside the star.

Be sure to press hard enough to make a bit of an indentation.

Now we will fold along each of those lines. You can use a bone folder if you'd like. I started out using mine and then decided I preferred not to use it.

After you fold along each of the long lines, go back and fold in the opposite direction along the short lines. These will be folded or pushed down. So the long lines pop up and the short lines go down.

This is what will give your star it's dimension. You may have to fiddle with it a bit to get it to "pop".

You can see it's dimension a little better here. I also had a bit of paper that needed to be glued down more, so do a check for that and glue any loose areas down.

Next I glittered--and I forgot to take anymore pictures! But what I did was this........

I took a scrap piece of printer paper, folded it in half. Unfolded it and laid it out to do my glittering on--you'll see why in a minute.

Then I took my make up sponge, dipped it in the glue and ran it along each outer edge and inner edge and applied the glitter. I did each arm of the star one at a time, so my glue wouldn't dry before I could glitter it.

After I got all of the glitter shook off, I folded the printer paper back up and now all the glitter falls into the fold and you have a make-do funnel to pour the glitter back into it's container with a little less mess.

Using a soft paint brush, brush off excess glitter as needed.

Voila! You now have a beautiful Christmas star from an old cereal box!

Oh and those white spots in the paper really aren't that light. They just show up in the photograph really well. If you do end up with any such spots just hit them with some distress ink.

I found the fabulous star template from another star tutorial made from a tin foil pan at Choose to Thrive Blog. I would love to try one of those too.

Hang your star on your tree, make a bunch for a garland or wreath, use for gift tags or tuck them into your decor here and there.


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Robin said...

love it Cathy !! Thanks so much for sharing this..I am definately doing this....So awesome !!

Angela said...

So sweet. Love this. Thank you for sharing. You always have the best ideas!

The Feathered Nest said...

I just love this Cathy!!!! I've got to send my readers over to see....hope you are doing so wonderful, hugs and love, Dawn

Truckin.Diva said...

Wow! I love this! So wonderful! I love the homemade modge podge. I made some and used it on paper machie with Syd the other day. Works like a charm. But what I really loved was the Bray? Roller out of the old lint roller! Such a good recycle!!!! By the way I went to a craft show at the mall in Rogers...the new mall not Dixieland the Promenade and this lady made her business cards out of used cereal boxes, mac and cheese boxes. Just cut them up and stamp on the back. Very cute!
The always looking for something that costs nothing sista!

Robin said...

Such a gorgeous star! The picture is perfect too. Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

hey cathy,
i just saw this on feathered nest and was so thrilled to see she was featuring your star. congrats!!! your star is beautiful and your directions divine. i am still planning a jewelry class for you and trudy but i think it's looking like january now. cindy lanier

I Play Outside The Box said...

Great tutorial...thanks for sharing!!

Gail said...

So pretty, thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try making some for gifts this year!

Crystelle Boutique said...

thank you!
looking great!

Paula said...

Excellent tute Cathy!

Patrizia said...

Kisses from Italy

Amantisima said...

Precioso Pap...gracias

Luv Creating Cards said...

Hi Cathy,
My dear friend Dawn pointed me over to this lovely project and your pretty blog. My daughter and I saw something similar in a home deco boutique on Tuesay, and she said she'd love to have a go at one but did not have a pattern for it. She had made something similar at school last year (where the star was painted gold and sprinkled with glitter) so she'll be delighted to have a pattern to use now. It will be such a fun thing to do with the children this weekend.
I'll be adding you to my list of blogs to visit again.
Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous decoration idea.
Warmest best wishes,

Di said...

Coming over from The Feathered Nest, your tutorial is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


So pretty, you're so talented! I think I might try this for my granddaughter's school idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy weekend.

Susie said...

We are SO doing this! My son and I are junk collectors---we like to make beautiful stuff out of junk. I made a wreath of flat stars, painted in red, white, and blue for the summer. I was inspired by someone's very expensive tin star wreath, and since DH was unemployed at the time, I made it out of old food boxes. But I'm thinking I'll be re-doing that wreath with these dimensional stars! Woohoo, so excited!

Toodie said...

I have been looking for the directions for a barn star all morning and I came upon your blog through 504 Main by Holly LeFever. Thank you so very much for these great instructions! I can only hope that my star turns out as gorgeous as yours, because it is BEAUTIFUL!

LBP said...

Thanks for the tutorial. What a beautiful star.



Kathy said...

Thanks for the informative tutorial on making these musical stars. I'd like to give this a go and make at least one of my own this Christmas season. I sure like your results. I'll have to bring home a brayer from my artroom during vacation!