Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Bookmark Swap

I just finished a small bookmark swap with a couple of friends at the Primitive & Rustic board, so I thought I'd share what I received and what I sent. I love these bookmarks and it's a great way to remember my friends!

This first one is by Joanne G. It's a bookmark thong made with beautiful green glass beads and silver leaves and it makes the coolest sound when they brush against each other and it really dresses up a book and makes it look pretty--sort of like book jewlery. Thank you Joanne! I love it!

These 2 are by Dawn S. She also made a bookmark thong, but with very different beads. That's what I think is neat is that they can be the same thing, but so very different. She also made a very pretty large bookmark--for a larger book and it will be very easy to find my spot with that one--neat idea. Thank you Dawn I love them both!

These last 2 are what I made--nope no thong--wish I had thought of it though! These are both decopauged--the first one is done with fimo clay and a clothespin and the second one is decoupauged paper onto an over sized popsickle stick--never used before--brand new, so no germs! LOL!

This has been a fun swap as usual and I hope to do it again someday. I love to swap with all of my online friends and am working on projects for a Paper Bag Book Swap, Folk Bird Swap, Pincushion/Sewie Swap and a Doll Quilt Swap. I am a swap piggie and have earned my name. LOL!


Gayle said...

Wow Cathy! Looks like you're getting into altered art! I've been collecting 'stuff' for awhile, but haven't actually made anything yet. Great bookmarks!

Suzanne said...

How fun! I love seeing how creative everyone is and swaps are always a fun way to get creative! Your bookmarks are great!