Saturday, July 21, 2007

First Attempts At Punchneedle

Here it is--my first attempts at punchneedle and I love it! It's one of those things you can sit and do and let your mind wander or listen to a movie and not have to think about what you are doing.

The blobs in the corner are hearts--hopefully when I get the area punched next to them I can define their shape a little better. The pattern is one by Sally Van Nuys Brown from a Create & Decorate magazine--I'll have to go look up the issue. Since I love heart and hands this makes a perfect starter piece.

A couple of things I learned right off---weavers cloth is a must! Osnaburg is not good for this--not even for practice when there is no weavers cloth in the cupboard and also that the lip of the insided ring of the hoop goes at the top side! Big difference when trying to stretch that fabric drum tight. Other than that I'm blissfully clueless and will keep punching along and learning as I go.........

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

That looks like fun! Punchneedle is one of those things on my "To Try" list! Can't wait to see the progress.