Thursday, August 2, 2007

Off For A Special Weekend

I am getting ready to head out at the crack of 0'dark 30 first thing tomorrow morning to this beautiful mountain spa resort. It's my sister's 43rd birthday and she decided she wanted a weekend of just herself (Rhonda), our brother (Greg) and me--no spouses, no kids. Something we haven't ever done. We live a little spread out--our brother is in UT, she is in AR and I'm in ID--just a few hours from where our brother lives, so we don't see each other that often. We are all 3 looking so forward to this weekend and since we all 3 get along just great and like most of the same things it should be no problem finding something fun to do. Greg seems to be focusing on the seafood buffet planned for tomorrow night and the primerib and steak buffet on Saturday, while we girls are looking forward to shopping, visiting and seeing the sights--oh and not having to cook, clean or be in charge of anyone or anything! I did have one rule--I am the big sister after all and get to take charge--I do! The rule is they are not allowed to embarass me. Rhonda informed me (in a joking tone) that I should just stay home then. Uh-oh I can tell it's going to be interesting! Well I'm off to pack and do some last minute things. Here are pictures of where we'll be enjoying our weekend.............

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