Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Paper Bag Book Swap

We recently had a Paper Bag Book Swap over at the Primitive & Rustic 2 board, so I thought I'd share a few photos of the books we made. If you click on the pictures they'll be bigger--way bigger! LOL! You'll also notice lots of little black specks on some pictures--that would be from the black glitter that got all over my scanner from my book. Good thing I used a page protector sheet or I'd really have a mess!

This first book was made by me........

I just love the vintage image I found for the front......

This is one of the paper dolls from the list of Paper Doll links I posted awhile back only I used part of a vintage perfume ad for her torso to give it a different look....

This is one of those funny little ends of the paper bag that I folded over and tied close with a ribbon and then it opens out to this.......

I love this little princess poem I found..........

This next book is by Trudy S. It was fun to see what everyone's theme was and how each book is so unique and different and what fun we can have with a simple paper bag! I ended up only scanning a couple of pages from each book as there were many, many pages and my scanner was being persnickety!
Trudy's Favorite Things

The little girl in this photo is Trudy's Aunt Beverly Young in Watertown, NY in 1930.
And the little girl in this photo is Miss Trudy! 50 yrs ago and she's still the same today! heheee!

My Garden by Candace N

I just love the beautiful colors of Candace's book and added lots of pressed botanicals...........

How pretty!

How Does Your Garden Grow by Laura S

I liked the simplicity and all the garden photos in Laura's darling little book.

The back cover pretty much sums it up as this swap was a first book for some and a challenge for us all as none of us has had much paper bag making experience and I think we all felt this way when we finished our little books, but we all enjoyed the process and hope to do more in the future.

Smiles For You by Jean S.

Jeans delightful book is chock full of stuff! She used lots of the neatest little metal miniatures on each page and I love the theme throughout.
I just love the collage of little girls from the past.....looking out at us today.

This is the back cover of Jeans book. The sunset really looks like it's giving off light!

Celebrate America by Mags B.

Mags had a really neat theme of America and has lots of neat history as well as the Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled banner and more.........

She made us each our own state page with little tidbits of info and then tucked inside the page was this cool star banner that pulled out.

Fly Me to the Moon by Emily Franz

I just loved the idea that Em used a Sinatra song for her theme and even better she had a Sinatra CD tucked into the first page for each of us--what a treat!

La,la, la, lalalala, lala, lalaalala...... I have this song running thru my head and now I have pictures to go with it!

This was a wonderfully fun swap! I'm not sure what was more fun--receiving the little treasure books or making them. Thanks to all my swapping buddies! They are treasures indeed!


NeNe said...

Thanks so much for posting the books. It was fun to them.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

You have been tagged by me to wear a Nice Matters Banner. You have to go to my blog and copy the banner and then post it on your blog and pass it on to at least 5 but no more than 7 others who have shown you that Nice Matters.
Thanks for always being for nice to ME. It matters!

Nanny's Cottage said...

These little books are just beautiful! (My favorite is the lst one.) :)

Lana said...

Cathy ~ these are wonderful! They are really made from paper bags??? WOuld you have a link to somewhere that shows the basics? Like I have time for something new, lol!