Sunday, September 16, 2007

Disappearing Nine Patch Doll Quilt

Well here it is finally--my little doll quilt I made for a doll quilt swap and I don't like this picture at all. I've tried a gazillion times and it just isn't photogenic. I think it really does look better in person--not quite so busy--the orange block is a lot lighter in color and the red/white is a small calico flower print--not polka dots--but you get the idea--I hope! This one measures 20" X 20" and I learned a lot as I went--for instance how I want to turn my blocks next time--not to use too busy of a fabric where the cream & red blocks go, that I think I would prefer to machine quilt it instead of hand quilt it--just to name a few things. When it comes to quilting I have a lot to learn--so guess I'd better make up another one of these, because we all know practice makes perfect!