Friday, November 16, 2007

Show & Tell Friday--My Shiny Box

This week I thought I'd share what my son calls my shiny box. It's my collection of Elizabeth's Vintage Silver Sewing Notions. When I first discovered these I knew I needed the entire set and I think I have pretty close to all of it. The set would normally cost well over $200, but I gathered it piece by piece from Ebay for well under $100, so I think I got a bargain. I wasn't sure just what to do with it all until it hit me one day to mount them in a picture frame, so I found a nice thrift store frame, removed the glass, added some padding and covered that with a dark burgandy velvet and then pinned on each piece.

The pieces in the set above are at the very top on the long chain a magnetic needle case that opens up like a little book. The chatelaine with thimble holder (thimble inside), silver needlecase, tape measure, seam ripper and round pincushion that has blue velvet sandwiched between the two silver rounds. Then scissors in holder, magnifying glass, 3 bodkins used for lacing, tatting shuttle and spool knave. There is also a needle threader that I see has escaped it's spot.
In case you're wondering, yes I do on occasion use some of these tools. I especially love the seam ripper--not that I enjoy ripping out stitches, but it's a great one to use. I keep an eye out and add to my collection whether it be new or old whenever I can and I hope to have a huge poster size shiny box collection someday.

Thanks for stopping by my Show & Tell Friday and don't forget to stop by Kellis' our hostess of Show & Tell Friday and see what everyone else has to share. Enjoy the weekend!