Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Most Wonderful Surprise & A Favorite Christmas Story

Look at what came in the mail today! Aren't they gorgeous! I absolutely love, love, love these little trees and they are my very favorite colors! I was told by my friend Judy Rawnsley that Santa was sending me something--but I really think they are from her! We were just discussing these little trees the other day and now I have a beautiful pair to enjoy! I love the little bases she makes for her trees and the beautiful colors--I know I said that part already. I do believe they will be staying out with my winter decor as they fit in perfectly! (hmmm...maybe all year!) Thank you Judy! How sweet of you!

Now for one of my favorite Christmas stories that I've been wanting to share with you all and this fits in perfectly. The story is about why Christmas trees aren't perfect. I hope you'll enjoy the story as much as I do and the next time you see a Christmas tree that you'll understand a bit more about why it may look the way it does. Merry Christmas.!

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