Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Show Me Wedesday!

Welcome to our very first Show Me~Wednesday! Here's how it works....Each week we'll have a theme of what we would like to see. Snap a photo for us and post it on your blog and then fill out the Mr. Linky below with your blog name and blog addy and it'll add you to the list.

Don't forget to add the banner above to your post (right click and save it to your own computer please), so it makes it easier for guests arriving at your blog to find your Show Me~ Wednesday post.

Each week we'll also list the theme for the coming week--at the very bottom of the post, so you can prepare and be ready to share!

Don't forget and leave comments where you visit. We all love to hear from our visitors.

This weeks Theme--Show Me Your Front Door

Here's my front door. Nothing special and it's in need of some decorating, especially now that winter is over and the weather is much nicer. I don't have a wreath or anything on it, but when you open the screen door it does have 4 little window panes each with old beveled glass. I couldn't get a good shot of it or I would have shared that too.

Ok, your turn. We want to see your front door--inside or out, whichever you choose--or both sides would be fun too. It doesn't matter if your door is plain or fancy, we'd love to see! Don't forget to add your blog name and addy to Mr. Linky, so we know where to go.

Next Weeks Theme--Show Me Your Bulletin Board

We'd like to see your Bulletin Boards fancy or not, cluttered or not and hope to hear anything special about it.

Also if anyone has any suggestions of what they'd like to see shared in future Show Me~Wednesdays please leave a comment in this post with your ideas and I'll add it to the list.

Thank you!


Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

My poor front door would like to say "Thanks, Cathy! My owner will pay better attention to me now!"


Primcyn said...

My front door would say."I need paint..give me some color...what color should I be??"
A future show me Wednesdays... show me your fathers military picture (for July?) I was mentioning this as I will be putting my dad's Old Navy pictures up the end of June..also writing an article for the grandkids to have about his military service years.

Primgal55 said...

Great idea and it speaks to me because I think my front door symbolizes the seasons of my life. My front door would say "I am red because I owned by a strong and confident woman and it only took 50+ years for her to be able to say that!" hugs, Linda