Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Double Dog Dare Ya Contest Poll-Please Vote!

Time to Vote! For your favorite messy sewing/crafting/work room. Below are links to the 5 brave and messy entrants who took the challenge of the Double Dog Dare and let us into their messy rooms.

Please visit each link and then look to the right hand column over there and vote in the poll for you favorite. The voting will go from now until this Friday the 13th. Hey Friday the 13th!--guess it'll be a lucky day for one of these bloggers. On Saturday we'll see who the winner is. The winner will receive a pincushion handmade by me, so at least their pins and needles will have have a home in their messy room. Let the voting begin!

And the nominees are.....

1. Angie Platten of Artvisionz

2. Tina Wright of Glue on My Fingers-Paint in My Hair

3. Martha Brown of Destination Unknown

4. Julie of Oakleaf Hollow Primitives

5. Joyce of Crafter Thoughts

Thank you to all of our brave bloggers who took the Double Dog Dare Challenge!


papel1 said...

I voted, but it was hard to make a choice. But such creative messes!

martha brown said...

I thought that Angie's looked pretty bad, until I saw Julie's, LOL! and you know that I say bad, I mean it in a creatively, sumptuously good way! Mine hardly looks messy. None of my mess is unpacked yet! (I just moved)

Angelina's Trinkets said...

I wonder if all creative people are like this; creating, cluttering, cleaning - organized and then we just start over again. My space is looking pretty good right now but I'm sure by the end of the day it will be in a shambles. I try to clean it up once a week just so I can find my supplies and not have to run out and buy something new to replace what I lost (lol). Thank you for such a delightful blog. I have very much enjoyed reading through it today. I'm glad I could stop by and vote.

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Love everyone's messes!! Each room is ooozing with creativity!!

Just please don't anyone call the fire marshall on me!! LoL!!

DD is almost moved out....so more room for my creative clutter!!

Thanks, Cathy! This is lotsa fun!!


Sharon Stevens said...

Hey...I would have all those gals beat! My room is a total disaster, always has been and always will..ask Terri hehe