Thursday, July 31, 2008

Show Me Your Form Party!

It's here! Tiffany Kirchner of Shabby Scraps is hostessing a Show Me Your Form Party! (It officially starts in the morning Aug 1st--so make sure to check back if you've arrived early too.) Click on the banner below to see all 50 + bloggers who are showing their forms! See mine below.

For my regular blog readers you've most likely already met Betty, but if you're new than I'd like to introduce you to her. Meet Betty! Betty is I believe from the 1930's--although I'm not positive on that.
She came to live with me about 2 1/2 years ago. We met while I lived in Florida at one of my favorite thrift shops. There she was, way across the other side of the store when I spied her. I quickly, but very carefully ran over to her. I didn't want to be too conspicuous. I mean a grown woman knocking people over to get to a dress form--well it's not a pretty sight. Lucky for the old women they were clear of my path. It was love at first sight. I'd always wanted a dress form and now I'd found one. The only thing standing between me and her was............the price tag. Oh dear, do I dare peek at it. I know it's going to be expensive. After all she is vintage and this shop had newer models in not so wonderful condition for $95. So I take a deep breath, found the tag, turned it over, peeked through one eye and....................oh my goodness! I can't believe it! She's only $50! I can do that! I nab Betty and quickly wheel her--she has a lovely cast iron base with wheels---up to the register. Pay for her before they realize what a bargain she is and whisk her out to the car. Oh? Yeah? How do I get her into my car? There are 2 adults and one 7 year old who have to share the seats. Why you cram her in there any which way, so you can make a fast get away--again before the store realizes their mistake in pricing her so well. Whew we're home! Now to pose her so she looks like she's always lived there with us, so the hubby doesn't get suspicious. Well he's a man and wouldn't ya know I sat Betty right at the edge of my sewing room entrance which was right at the main entrance into the house. You can't miss her--but he did! It took him a good week before he even noticed her. I think it was all the giggling we girls were doing at the fact the he hadn't noticed something so large and different sitting right there waiting to greet you. Well he didn't seem to mind--after he rolled his eyeballs a time or two--he's used to my oddities by now-- until months later when Betty was moved to a corner of our bedroom. She was on his side of the room--well you know his side of the bed--but far enough away. It was a large room and she sat right between two windows and it scared him every night. Yup Mr. Macho skeered of Miss Betty. I guess with the windows he thought someone was coming through them in the middle of the night.
Betty has since moved across the country with me from Florida to Idaho and now resides in my basement sewing room. I think I'll dress her up as a witch for Halloween and put her on his side of the room--again by the windows. hehehee!

Here's a closer look at Betty's attire. Poor girl has only 2 outfits. If she's going to be attending parties I think she at least needs a 1950's prom dress all frilly and pretty and of course a halloween costume and maybe something with a vintage apron and..............

This is Betty's other outfit--her seamstress ensemble.

Last, but not least are a few other small dress forms. The 2 larger ones on the ends are waiting for me to dress them--one of these days. The one in the center is my oldest daughter's and as you can see she displays her collection of cool jewels on it. The little pink one is a pincushion I made with a glass candlestick base.

On my list of Dress Form wants is some dress form shaped soaps and a dress form shaped perfume bottle, a victorian dress from a childs dress form, maybe a sister for Betty.............

Don't forget to click on the banner above and enjoy the party!


tiffany~shabbyscraps said...

Betty is Beautiful! I love the story of how you came to own her, and $50 is a steal! Thank you so much for helping prove my sanity to my family, it is greatly appreciated!
xoxo, Tiffany

GeorgiaPeachez said...

$50!!! That is the bargain of the century! She is very lovely, especially in all her bling. xo, suzy

Alisa said...

Well, I'm glad you managed to get her home with you. She's lovely!

Saucy said...

I love the story of Betty, it cracked me up! Sounds like a trip my mother and I went on once, I held a vintage lamp all the way home on my lap.

Fifty dollars is a wonderful price to adopt such a fancy lady.

Rosa said...

I enjoyed reading your entry about how Betty came into your life, sometimes I wonder if husbands don't notice things or they just pretend they don't. I'm glad betty is still around!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your dress form is so beautiful! I love her!
And there's nothing more exciting than finding such a grand bargain at a thrift store!

Maija said...

Betty is so well dressed and put together! The littles are charming as well!

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

What a lovely ol' girl and GREAT find! LOL, it took your hub a week to notice!
I want a form shaped perfum bottle too!

Carla said...

What a wonderful find! I keep hoping for something like that but no luck yet. In the meantime I've antiqued a new one to satisfy that dress form fever! Glad you enjoy your treasure!

cherished*vintage said...

Hi Cathy! Oh my, Betty is fabulous! Funny story - I love how you got her!

Sher said...

Ah yes, I remember Miss Betty!!!! My offer to take her off your hands still stands! ;-)

C'mon over to my place and meet the Twins when you get a chance!


Jamie said...

Love Betty's lace jacket. I've never seen one like this! And she was only $50? Wow. Sounds like you got her home the same way I got mine home! Since you only live 2 hours from YNP, let me know if there are ever any good antique shows or flea markets that you'd recommend in your area. It's so difficult sometimes to find things around here! I would definitely be up for a road trip to see something different! Jamie V in MT

Mammy's Stitches said...

Oh how I loved your story. Even your Betty is fabulous. A dress forom is on my wish List been saving for one in hopes of having it by Christmas. For now I have small ones and a few a made.

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl......Snatch JOy~

Julia said...

Hi Cathy,
Thank you for coming by my blog,
I am enjoying looking through yours, you have all things that I love.
Betty is gorgeous, and such a funny story!
I shall be back..