Friday, September 26, 2008

An Altered Witch

Happy Fall everyone! Fall is my favorite season of the year! All the colors, pumpkins, the crisp feel in the air, cinnamon and pies and then Christmas is right around the corner!

I did a little Halloween project that I thought I'd share........................

I made an altered witch! I love altered art and have only dabbled in it just a bit and oh my how fun it was to get to cut, paste and glitter for a change! I'm still sweeping up the glitter, but I have to tell you that Martha Stewart glitter is the absolute best! It has the most shine and is so fine and the colors are vibrant and gorgeous! Those feathers on the other hand sure made a mess, but I think they spiffed the old witch up!

I had that wonderful moon piece and it was the start of this project. He just needed a witch and I've had the image of this lady for quite sometime and she has such a kindly look on her face and I only like kindly, make believe, do good witches, so she was it. I wonder what this woman would think if she could see herself now. LOL!

I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I'm thinking of maybe making one to sell on Etsy. Oh and by the way that lovely orangey colored background in case you're wondering--well it's awful to say, but that is my bedroom wall!! I thought it made the perfect background color--however it makes an AWFUL bedroom color! Yup, it's got to get painted, but that's another day and another story.

Tomorrow I'm off to Montana again for a few days to enjoy the beautiful fall colors in the mountains and I hope to finally see a bear!! I've got my camera all ready, so keep your fingers crossed!


Cindy B said...

Enjoy your trip to will be a gorgeous time of year!Your altered art witch is adoarable! ( though I am still partial to your witch of wallstreet hang tag on my shoes i bought from you a few years ago!) I have a clickable link to your vintage baby shoes pattern on my blog now..congratulations as featured artist at wymearts!! Cindy B

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Cathy I got so tickled reading your post about this witch .
You better be careful she might sneak up behind you and whop you over the head with her broom !!
hahahahahahahahaha !

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I'm sorry. I was snickering so much I forgot to tell you how very much I liked your witch .She is an elegant looking little thing. I love it, the feather just makes it.

Maija said...

Darling witch- and please- be careful of the bears!!!

Rhonda said...

I thought you said she was a portrait of me? My hair is much blonder. I am so flattered to know that you think I am so beautiful. By the way I did get the wart removed from the end of my nose the other day. I love it! So cute. Where do you get your ideas? Love the wall paper. I am sure it looks great on the bedroom walls too. Don't forget it is our birtday 10/31. All good witches ride brooms and celebrate their birthdays together. Have fun in Montana. Look for my new homestead while there.

Love Uncrafty Sista

Jewelgirl said...

I really enjoy your blog and I
am awarding you the Brilliante
Weblog Award You deserve it for
all of your hard work! ♥ Stop
By and pick it up!

Amy from Texas said...

This is adorable. Your art is great!

Mrs. Staggs said...

This turned out wonderful! I love that glitter too.

My sister in law lives in the mountains in Montana, near Missoula, and she sees bears often. They've even come up on her front porch a couple of times!