Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Updates and Tidbits

It all started Tuesday of last week. The husband was on the computer and when it came my turn, well it all went downhill from there. Long story short it died! Oh my how sad I was and I mourned my poor computer all week long until the weekend when I got a brand new sparkly one! We are still getting acquainted and it's learning how I like to do things, but I'm so glad to be back online again. It's just awful when you have no link to the big wide world out there. the meantime this is what I've been up too......

I created a teeny, tiny, little, itty bitty barely over an inch square Valentine for a little one on one swap with Mrs. Staggs of A Happy Miscellany. Gee I hope she's not peeking! This one was quite a challenge trying to fit something on that small of a space, but a very fun challenge that I think I will have to try again. Who knows maybe we'll do one together as a future swap with a different theme. What do ya think?

I also made a big Valentine. This one is 8 inches tall and I made 12 of them for a swap with some of my online friends I've known for many years. However I still don't have my Valentine's tree up! It's just shameful! Valentine's is one of my most favorite holidays and for some reason this year it seems to be passing me by.

I also tried a new recipe for Chicken Pot Pie from Mary Jane at The Beehive Cottage . It was excellent! Not only does Mary Jane have a really cool blog, she's a fantastic cook. You really must give this a try. It's delicious! Thanks Mary Jane!

And for just a couple of reminders...... Don't forget my PIF. You can read more about it HERE. I'll be drawing names for it on my birthday--this Friday--yup Friday the 13th!

And lastly the big OWOH Giveaway. Sign ups end tomorrow--February 11th, so make sure to see more about my giveaway and the other blogs that are participating HERE.

I'm off to work on a new pattern and a new CD--more on those later.................


Paula @ the Little Young House said...

So good to see you back online! Isn't it amazing how dependent we have become on our computers? If I'm without mine for one night, I go crazy!

Love the Valentines! I haven't made any this year, so I guess I better get busy!!!


Cindy B said...

I think your little valentines are adorable!! Good to see you back on line ! Cindy

LiLi M. said...

Congratulations you have won of the boxes in my owoh give away. Please check my blog and send me your addy!

Rhonda said...

I thought you were just not posting, dumb me! I am glad you are back. I love your itty bitty. That is soooo cool and where did you come up with the idea. You amaze me. What all did you use on that little thing? Really how many differnet things did you use? Count them and tell.

I am amazed at what you can do with an inch.

The amazed Sista

Lori said...

i love both of your valentines!!!

Paula @ the Little Young House said...


Enjoy your day, and have a terrific weekend! Celebrate big! You deserve it!


Angie said...

I love your valentines! The little one is super adorable!