Monday, July 20, 2009

3 New Dresses

While I was in Misssouri taking care of my mom after she had open heart surgery my dad celebrated his 70th birthday--mom ended up spending both of their birthdays in the hospital this year.

The morning of my dad's birthday he comes into her hospital room and told me he wanted to take me to show me what he wanted for his birthday, so I'm thinking it'll either be a herd of goats or a farm tractor--two of his favorite things. But before we leave mom looks at me and says in that mother voice--Cathy Lynn ( yup, that's when you know you better listen), I want you to go and do as your father tells you and don't give him any trouble. Hmmmm....I haven't heard that since I was a kid and I was a very good kid! LOL! So I'm thinking oh boy that must mean I not only get to look at goats and tractors I get to trapse through the fields with all the bugs and cockleburrs too.

So off we go....driving through downtown Joplin....coming up to Joann's Fabrics and he said we weren't going there....hadn't even crossed my mind, because he had just announced we were going to Radio Shack. Well Radio Shack does not have goats or tractors and he's a little behind on todays electronics---I'm still waiting on them both to get email addys--so we pull into the parking lot, walk across to the Radio Shack and then go right past the Radio Shack and into the ladies dress shop--Catherine's. Hmmmm....he is getting old! LOL! Then he says ok let's pick out some dresses! Now that is a surprise, because these dresses are for me! And it's his birthday. Much better than a goat or a tractor! So we find a handful of dresses and I go to try them on and off he goes and he keeps the dresses coming. Now this is a man who does not clothes shop, has no clue about women's clothing or the way we shop and when he finds a shirt or pants that he likes buy 5 exactly alike of each, so they last him forever. But he did really well at finding dresses and these are the 3 that I chose.......................................

A beautiful purple textured dress--that does not wrinkle! No need for that new iron. LOL! I love how it drapes and the feel of the fabric.

A pink jacket with big, square black buttons and a flippy, silky black and pink skirt..... I love pink!

And my very favorite is the electric green dress! The camera just doesn't pick up it's true color, but it is gorgeous and I'm hoping to find some electric green shoes to go with it. Again I love the texture, the layers and how it drapes.

So for a goat and tractor excursion I was truly and delightfully surprised! I LOVE my new dresses! Oh and I guess now I know why my mom said I was to behave. LOL!