Friday, July 9, 2010

Thistles, Weeds and Spent Flowers

Are they beautiful or are they beautiful. I think they are beautiful. Ok, call me strange or just plain weird, but I have always liked purple thistles. They're pretty! I mean look at their gorgeous purple color and the fuzzy centers and unique bud they are before they blossom. Yes the farmer calls them noxious weeds and I call them worthy of a bouquet for my dining room table. And no that is not my dining room table, that is the front of the garage. I call it my study in contrast or bouquet of weeds.

Look at that big gorgeous puffball in the back. I only found one of those in the yard and it was short lived. A stiff breeze came up and poof it was gone!

The pods are the remains of some spent tulips from the front flower bed and those leafy things are from my overgrown rhubarb plants in the pasture, where I found the wonderful purple thistles and had to run from Miss Dixie our donkey, because she thought they were for her. Donkey's love thistles too and consider them a delicacy. I did share one with her however, so not to worry--she is spoiled.

For a pitcher full of weeds I think they are quite artful..........

I also tried to get the chickens to cooperate for a portrait with the weeds and even bribed Mildred Stubbs with a bowl full of bread crumbs. Of course all Mildred was interested in were the bread crumbs. Poor girl is missing both of her feet. They froze off this winter, so now all she has is two stubbs at the end of her legs, but boy can she run!

Mrytle has joined in now and not interested in a portrait sitting either. Silly chickens.

My new little weedy arrangement now sits on my dining room table where I can enjoy it's unique beauty. I gave them plenty of water and I bet this bouquet will last weeks if not months.

So what's in your yard?


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Morticia Addams would be proud ;) I love the colour of the thistles.

Gayle said...

How beautiful Cathy! I think you have the 'touch' for flower arranging! I too, have always loved thistles for their color and texture - I wonder if there's a way to preserve them when they're at their prettiest?

Interesting about your chicken's feet - I never heard of such a thing happening!

Nice to visit with you!

whitey said...

Wished I had weeds like that they are wonderful!

Violet said...

I love the arrangement you made with the thistles, it's lovely! The thistle is also the official flower for the country of Scotland.

Such a Lost Girl said...

I love these pictures! They are out of this world! You should get a job at a floral shop! Would that not be the coolest job! I think if you use hairspray on your fly away flowers that will hold them in place. You should try it. Something that has some really good holding power. Think stickey! I believe you should think black, white and frame.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

They are lovely. I totally agree about what some consider weeds. I have a yard full of colorful ones.
Blessings in abundance to you.

Anonymous said...

aww.. I like this photo so much !