Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Latest Attempt--at Crochet

I have known how to crochet for years ( I can do the stitches and read a pattern--but past that--welllll) , but it's just never been my thing. I got bored with it too fast until my friend Kathy showed me how to make my favorite crocheted potholders. I've only used crocheted potholders for years, but I have a hard time finding them--good thing they last so darned long.

See the white blob in the corner--that is my potholder--really that's what it is. See the green "shape" next to it. Well that's a dishcloth--yes really! I was practicing my decreasing and got that down pretty good. LOL! Ok, I have no idea what I did, but I screwed it up pretty good and yes I will remake a new one, so I can get it right, but I will also use this one. After all it is just a dishcloth.

Anyway I have discovered that crocheting is a good way to unwind and if I stick to potholders and dishcloths I don't get bored, so I now have a nice little supply of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn and lots of freebie patterns from the internet and I can stitch til my hearts content. My next venture is going to be some crocheted lace. We'll see!

Hey maybe we could do a crocheted dishcloth swap. I'll hone my skills first so you don't get a goofy looking one, so in the meantime.....Happy Stitching!


Such a Lost Girl said...

I remember trying to make granny squares and I came up with rounds. So that is when I was making round purses. Do you remember that...Mom was doing all her crocheting. Yah...I would love to crochet. I have stupid hands. I want to crochet some scrafs with that really cool funky yarn and put beads on them. Thin scrafs. I started one when Greg came out two years ago. But the yearn was so darned hard to crochet with it got all balled up. Maybe in my down time now I should try it again. I can just see myself or even Sydney in one. Very cute. But I do love your work. Very nice. Keep at it. You have it down. Looks nice. I think your swap idea is cool. Another thing you could do is the dish scrubies with toole. Those are cool.

The stupid hands Sister!

sue's sew-n-sews said...

I have tried to crochet before but my tension was way too tight. I would like to try again, would you have a simple pattern for potholders that you can post for a newbee? I liked the ones you made, they looked good.

Whimsey Creations said...

Don't you love that Sugar and Cream yarn? Such yummy colors. Now Cathy - you KNOW dishcloths don't have to be a certain shape and certainly not even - they wash just as well in the shape you did! It's just a PRIMITIVE washcloth! LOL

Barb Phillips said...

Kathy you've done much better than I would have done. You can always find something to use them for I sure.

Gina said...

I love those crochet dishcloths and just bought some at a church sale yesterday. That's all I use now. Wish I knew how to crochet.