Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm In Mary Engelbreit's New Cookbook!

I am so excited! I'm in the new Mary Engelbreit Fan Fare Cookbook! Several months ago Mary E. asked readers on her blog to submit recipes for this book, so I took a shot and got in! Not only did I receive a cookbook for my recipe, but I received TWO autographed copies! Wow, I was not expecting that! Thank you Mary!

And there is her signature on the inside cover.....
I have been a big ME fan for years. I ALWAYS have an ME calendar--wall and desk and often desk planners too. In fact I have about 12 years or so of her calendars all tucked into a big basket. I really miss her magazine not being published any longer. I think ME and Stampington need to team up together--hint, hint editors!

And here on page 176 is my recipe for my secret Garden Spaghetti Sauce.

There are so many good sounding recipes in it like; Boeuf Bourguignon, Unstuffed Cabbage, Corn Puddin', Butterscotch Dip and so many more! I sure hope they're all calorie free or I might be in trouble!

Bon Appetit!