Friday, August 9, 2013

Pincushion Parade

I thought I'd share some of my pincushions today. 

This post was inspired by Gloria Parsons of Olde Green Cupboard Designs. Gloria put together a fun and fabulous pincushion fashion show on her blog the other day and mentioned that if we had any photos to send them to her, but then I realized that maybe I had a few more than she would be interested in, so I thought I'd post them here and then share the link with her. So Gloria please feel free to use any of these photos if you'd like. 

And don't forget to check out Gloria's pincushion show HERE.

In fact I think it would be a fabulous idea if quilt shows would include a pincushion and sewie section to the show for everyone to share these little gems. 

 These photos are taken just as they sit in my sewing room at the moment, stray threads, dust and messes included.

A little corner of pincushions that are for looks only. 

 Vintage linen pincushion with hat and corsage pins.

 The 2 little pincushions I found at a yard sale and this is just how they came and I plan to leave them this way.  One of my favorite things to do when I buy an old pincushion is to squish out all the pins and needles. You'd be amazed at the pins and needles lurking deep inside a pincushion. Use extreme caution! LOL!

 This little beauty made of wool was made for me by a friend years ago and it came with all those gorgeous buttons and bling on it and I've left it as is. I love it!

 I use this wool pineapple pincushion all the time! A friend and I did a pincushion swap years ago and we didn't plan it, but we both made each other the same pincushion in the same colors of wool and they turned out identical!

Two lovely wooly pincushions made for me by friends. I use these all the time! And I have 2 of those fabulous strawberries! 

I love my Henrietta chicken! I've made and sold several of these over the years. She's a perfect size and nicely weighted and just too fun to have in the sewing room. I weight her with crushed walnut shells, then stuff with steel wool and polyfil. The polyfil helps to keep the steel wool from poking through the fabric and gives her a smooth and not bumpy appearance on the outside. I'm trying to find more of this fabric that she's made of--raspberries and hydrangeas--I think is the name. I love her beaded "hair" and feet! 

I love this little cathedral windows pincushion my friend Trudy S made for me. She made a bunch of these using old quilt squares someone had made and that she found at a thrift sale. The bottom side is another cathedral window square, only in green. 

Little primitive annie made for me by a friend in a swap and she stitched my business name across the front. 

 Can we talk pet peeve here. This is a little wool Hello Kitty pincushion I made for my 14 year old daughter and notice how all the pins are pushed all the way down into it--that is my pet peeve! This is her pincushion so she can do that if she wants, but I so don't like it when people feel the need--and they do!--to push MY pins down into MY pincushions. Hands Off! LOL!

 Close up of the basket. A few made by friends, a few made by me and a few vintage hearts.

 The little cat and round tuft pincushions were made by friends and the little star I made.

 More pincushions made by me and friends. The goldy/green tall wool pincushion was one of my first to make and the little shoe with pincushion top is from my Antique Baby Shoe pattern, which can be a pincushion or a shoe for decor or for dolls.

My collection of old and new tomato pincushions. I love these! It's been awhile since I've ran across any while out thrifting, so I hope I find one soon. 

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of my collection. Thank you!


DollZandThingZ said...

What a wonderful collection! What fun!!

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

What an eclectic collection of pincushions! Beautiful!
I had to laugh - my 6 year old gd is always pushing my pins in on my pinkeep. It keeps her busy, lol

Crystelle Boutique said...

I do love ALL of your pincushions!! You are such a talented lady, you!!!

<3 ya!!
hugs x, Crystelle
Crystelle Boutique