Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Love Notes

Do you ever write Love Notes to your husband? Every time mine goes on a business trip I write little love notes and tuck them into his luggage and since he will be gone on one of these trips for the next couple of days I brought out my paper and pen. I haven’t done this for quite sometime. He used to travel quite a bit for his job, so I had to come up with some witty--or not so witty little ditty’s to tuck into his luggage. Once I totally forgot and he was so disappointed--this from Mr. Macho? So I make sure not to forget.
You might give it a try if you don’t already and if your husband does not travel, try leaving one wrapped around his shaving cream, in his sock drawer, or in tomorrows shirt pocket, briefcase, lunch, keyboard, seat of his truck or car. You might be surprised at how much he enjoys it. Be mushy, be silly and have fun!

While some of these may be too mushy for him--we can still enjoy them, besides they have very romantic sentiments.

Please feel free to use the vintage images here. (and yes I do put all his notes on girly paper). All I ask is that you right click and save them to your computer just please no linking to them. Enjoy!

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