Saturday, May 12, 2007

Penelope & Puddles

Aren’t they cute! Tomorrow is our oldest daughters birthday (24yrs) and this is what we gave her--Penelope & Puddles. Just what everyone wants for their birthday--farm animals! Hey ya never outgrow anything that's cute and fuzzy and yes in case you’re wondering--she loved them!

Penelope and Puddles are only a week old an are losing their soft fuzzy for their new feathers--which will be white. Right now they constantly eat and make messes--good thing they are outside pets. Ducks make great pets and socialize quite well. Years ago we had a little duck who grew up with a litter of kitties and she thought she was one of them. That little duck would sleep all curled up the kitties in a pile and would only eat kitty food. She never did learn how to meow though.

See they love us already--as they pose here with the husband for their first portrait. Ü


rockriverstitches said...

Loved reading about your little ducks! They are soooooo cute! I think it would be so neat to have a duck for a pet!

Tammy :)

Ann..cinnamon275 said...

Oh, the ducklings are so cute!! However, i do know what my daughter would say if i gave her ducks for her b/day..but then she is only still 12 and very much at the 'selfish' stage..lolol

Sandy said...

How cute & fluffy! Makes me wish I was there to pet them.