Monday, September 3, 2007

Blog Comments Question

I've often wondered what to do about replying to comments, so I've added a poll to the right at the very top. I hope you'll take a moment and vote. When you leave a comment and it has your email attached to it I will often answer back with a short reply, but there are quite a few with no email listed, so I can't reply back. I have on occasion replied back in the comments section, but if you're like me--I forget when and where I've left comments on other blogs, so I wouldn't think to check back. So if you have a comment about comments I'd love to hear it and yes if you leave an email I'll reply back.

Have a Happy and Safe Labor Day everyone!


Suzanne said...

This poll is a great idea Cathy. I've often wondered how to respond to comments, whether you do or don't on your own blog. I'll be anxious to see your results!

Carol said...

Cathy, so glad to be able to leave a comment. ya know I am a computer dummy so will look again for your poll or whatever.

I read your blog and enjoy it so much. See my reply on Piecers so I won't repeat here.

will continue to read and write.

Carol said...

Ah, it pays to read THE WHOLE THING.

I voted and you should see the results. Obviously I voted yes.


Carol said...

Ok, so figured you have nothing better to do with your time than to read stupid answers.

Yes, reply to email as I too can neve remember as many names, business names etc all sound same to me.

I think you have email address. Carol of Quiltnstitch

Will watch for reply before give out email address. Just caution trying to watch spam.


crazyhaberdasher said...

I voted yes....but sometimes the comment does not need an answer!! I think it is really up to you.