Friday, November 30, 2007

Show & Tell Friday--I'm Babysitting!

This week I thought I'd share what I'm babysitting--it's a rocking chair! Isn't it gorgeous! This is a family piece that now belongs to my brother, however he didn't have room for it and so he asked me if I would babysit it. You bet!

He only had 3 rules for it--1. That only those who will respect it can sit in it. It has a caned seat, so it's delicate and I knew that a few of my Raggedy Ann's & Andy's would take great care with it. 2. That it doesn't leave my house. I don't usually travel with my furniture. 3. That I don't throw a fit and cry when he finally takes it back home. Well we'll see about that one! LOL!

This picture shows a bit of the wreath detailing that is has on it. He has the other brass wreath, so it can be repaired. I'm not really sure how old this piece is, but I would easily say 100 yrs plus. This is the best babysitting job I've ever had!

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