Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh NO! I Can't Post Photos!!

I am currently having difficulty posting photos to my blog--drat it all! How do you keep a blog without pictures! I sure hope it gets fixed soon! So until then I'll sit here and twiddle my thumbs and I'll get bored of that real quick! Please blog fairy--fix me!

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Anonymous said...

That's OK. I will be back to see those photos's.

But I wanted to tell you I read your story about the Pine trees. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful story.

And must share with you that we had a BIG WIND on the 24th and lo and behold one of our pine trees that line our road fell over. Hubbie and Son and SIL took care of it but I was saddened to see a "friend" reach its maturity. They placed it near Hubbie's shop and while out there with family dogs, heard some birds inside the branches. Ah, a nice story. Luckily we have many other trees for them to make new "homes".

Enjoy and Happy New Year Carol