Friday, December 14, 2007

Show & Tell Friday--Christmas Story Collection

This week was a bit harder to decide on what to share or rather how to share I guess since it has no pretty picture, so I had to dress it up a bit with at least a couple of cute pictures like this little girl in her rocker reading---which is what my Show & Tell is about--Stories--Christmas stories.

See, not a pretty picture at all, but if you open these two books up they are filled with lots of pretty pictures and wonderful Christmas stories that I have collected for about 28 years now. There are over 300 stories in my collection and not all of them have been added to the books yet.

It all started many, many years ago when I would buy all of the holiday issues of the women's magazines (before they cost an arm & a leg--and had much better content in them). I always enjoyed reading the Christmas stories the best. Most of them are fictional short stories that writers had submitted to the magazines. Each year I would save them in a folder and then it grew so big that I started organizing the stories and put them into these two notebooks. Every year it has gotten harder and harder to find the stories and this year I haven't found any! So now I will start looking on the internet to continue my story collection. It's one of my own personal holiday traditions that I enjoy each year.
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LBP said...

I love that print! It is so magical!

I agree with the content of the women's magazines of today. I have several from the late 40's early 50's that have great stories in them.



ellen b. said...

What a great tradition. I hope you find a goody this year! Blessings.

Persuaded said...

This reminds me of the scrapbooks folks used to keep years ago... you know with magazine pictures and such? I have the remnants of one my Nana made for me when I was a small child. It has been loved almost to death.

What a wonderful tradition..I am sure your family will cherish these books!

Barbara H. said...

What a neat thing to do! I've stopped getting most women's magazines, but I remember when they used to have wonderful Christmas stories.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a lovely idea! I love the picture of Santa peeking around the back of the chair, too. Have you read the short story collection Christmas with Anne by L.M. Montgomery? It's a must if you love Christmas stories.

Sondra said...

What a great idea. I had purchase a bunch of old Christmas magazines at a yard sale and you are right. They have so much more substance. They do have some great Christmas stories and one in particular that I read to the kids every so often on Christmas.

karen at Junking in Georgia said...

thank you for your nice comment on Junking in Georgia.. I do love Christmas.. I enjoyed your blog very much... Merry Christmas Karen