Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What Do You Love About Your Holiday Home Party

Welcome to my What Do You Love About Your Holiday Home Party hosted by Karla of Karla's Cottage.

Karla's having a party--a virtual tour party with tons of wonderful Holiday Homes just waiting for us to come take a peek and see how each other decorates and celebrates. So get comfy and make sure to visit Karla's site and click on all the links and enjoy the party!

What I like about my holiday home......well lots of things. As far as decor I like my dining room the best! I just wish I could get the rest of the house to look like it. This is a shot of my favorite part of the dining room--the big windows with window seat.....

A few close ups of the window area......filled with many items made by myself or friends and my santa mug collection that is only about 2 yrs old........

A shelf full of snowmen. When you live in Idaho you have to love snow! We currently have about 3-4 inches of beautiful, white, sparkley snow and I do love it! There's just something about snow and the cold that help put that Christmas feel in the air.

Santa and the sugar plum candy tree. Santa sings and dances as sugarplums dance in our heads. Christmas baking is soon to start--definitely a favorite!

The perfect place for our little village, that is still growing every year..........

The new pre-lit, remote control Christmas tree and it is short a bunch of ornaments. I discovered that I am missing a good part of my Christmas ornaments that I have accumulated over the past 26 years--that is not a good thing. I have a feeling they did not make it on our cross country move earlier this year. I guess it does give me reason to keep accumulating though.

Santa and part of the nutcracker collection. I am currently reading the entire long (original) version of The Nutcracker to my 8 yro daughter every evening at bed time. I had no idea there was such a version, but there certainly is and we are really enjoying the story.

There's more about my prim tree in the next post down, but I had to put it here , because it's my very favorite tree of the 3 that I have up. All of the ornaments on it have been made by friends over the past 7 years.

I hope you've enjoyed these few photos of my home decorated for Christmas and I hope you'll remember to stop by Karla's as well and enjoy everyone elses. Don't forget to be good--Santa is watching!