Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Cards!

Our mail has been traveling a bit slow with all of the snow we keep getting and so today when I went to the post office I found more treasures awaiting me and they are treasures!

This is the beautiful card and snippets of Valentine ephemera sent to me from Mica of Garboodles Soup A wonderful and very unique card and so very 19th century. I love it!

The picture just doesn't show what all is involved in this beautiful card, so I scanned it in, so you can see all the paper piercing, the tiny cut-outs by hand and the small, beautiful handwriting. A work of art for sure! I just love it. Thank you Mica! If you haven't been to visit Mica's blog you are truly missing out, so hop on over and see what this talented lady does.

My next treasure is from Joyce of Brookside Cottage . All this arrived in a most beautiful pink striped box. Joyce always does fun things with her packages. The pink heart is big and so beautiful in pink--I love pink! The other cards and bookmark she handmade and are so beautiful too and lots of wonderful sweet details! I seem to use that word beautiful a lot, but hey it fits everything! Both Joyce and I are ME fans and I love how she decorated the inside of the little box with an ME card that she embellished and the lovely little ceramic heart earrings are so pretty. Thank you Joyce! I love it all!

This has been so fun doing this swap and I do plan to do more throughout the year. I will also be leaving all of my awesome Valentine treasures out til the end of the month, so I can enjoy them a little longer. I always miss my Valentine's when I pack them away. Hmmm....who knows maybe I should make a year round Valentine corner somewhere! Hmmmm................ ;)


Suzanne said...

Oh wow! You did receive lots of treasures in the mail! Mica's Valentine is so intricate and detailed. Love all of your sweet Valentine goodies! A belated "Happy Valentine's Day" to you!

jennifer said...

Yes a year round Valentine's Day everyday corner sounds lovely. Your goodies were so pretty - Jennifer

Mica said...

you are so welcome. hope you like it and looking forward to my card from you too !! Have a great week. hugs Mica

Mrs. Staggs said...

Those are all lovely gifts indeed! Your Valentine's Day looks like a very happy one.

Congratulations on your award!