Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Artful Blogging, Inspirations & Sew Somerset

Artful Blogging, Inspirations and Sew Somerset are 3 of the most gorgeous magazines filled with the most wonderous things! You will need a drool rag and a pen to add to your wants list. I have always been a magazine nut and this week I'm in hogs heaven over these 3 magazines--and it's an expensive heaven at nearly $15 a pop! But hey we're worth it right!

If you haven't found the Artful Blogging magazine you're really missing a treat. I missed the first one and need to back track and get myself one. This is the 2nd issue of Artful Blogging and it's choc full of wonderful blogs to visit and gorgeous photos.

Here are just 2 new blogs that I've found through it--and I haven't even scratched the surface!

Rebecca Sower Rebecca's blog is filled with gorgeous photos of her creative mixed media altered art style pieces. Definitely a site to get some inspiration going.

Marilyn Healey More inspiration and gorgeous photos galore of her wonderful talent. Don't forget the drool rag!

As I was standing at the magazine counter in Barnes & Noble drooling over the Artful Blogging magazine I just happened to find this magazine Inspriations tucked up beneath the shelf and it all but jumped into my hands! It is filled with the most absolute gorgeous embroidery and needlework projects.

See what I mean! Just look at this gorgeous pincushion. It is designed by Kris Richards of Australia. I couldn't find any internet info on Kris, but she did seem to have projects in several other issues of Inspirations Guess I'll just have to buy the rest of them! I don't know about you, but the Australians have some of the most beautiful sewing and crafting magazines filled with such a unique and beautiful style that is vintage and feminine and whimsical even.

And finally I got a hold of Sew Somerset! I had wanted this magazine and could not find it anywhere--locally that is. I finally found this one on ebay and snagged it! It too is filled with gorgeous projects and tons of inspiration. There's another issue coming out in June and I'll be camping out at Barnes & Noble til I get my copy!

Just 2 of the many, many awesome blogs I found in this magazine are.....

Sue Bleiweiss who has the neated project for a button box and sewer's padfolio.

My Artistic Side she has a project for a photo hanger using a vintage image and fun trims.

All of these magazines are absolutely filled to the brim with projects and inspiration and even if a few aren't your particular style of choice of medium to work in they certainly inspire new ideas and get the creative juices flowing and after all isn't that what it's all about. I need some Advil now--they've had my mind in such a whirl that I have a headache!

I would like to add that I am in no way responsible for any new addictions or the amount of money that you will spend caused by reading this post--just don't say I didn't warn you. That Stampington site is highly addictive. My next issue to hunt down it the Altered Couture or maybe it should be the Belle Armoire or maybe.............