Friday, February 22, 2008

Show & Tell Friday--A Birthday Book From My Sister

I know, I know my birthday was last week, but today I'm sharing my really cool paper bag book that my sister made for me as my birthday card. I just love my new little book! Thank you Rhonda!

I love the darling button flowers and the colors she used.........

....more button flowers and fun little tuck ins--love the eyeglasses and the jewlery pieces. In fact it just dawned on me--the colors of the little jewel dangle there and the ribbon that ties the book closed are purple and green--which are the same as our birthstones--amythest and peridot--cool! Oh and don't forget the mini wand--I've yet to use it, but I'm sure it works. ;)

That's right--it's all about the fun and our little secrets--secrets of fun. One of my very favorites pieces in the book is the butterfly--it's so cool!

So do you know..........yes I am the queen! LOL! (even if the ribbon is hiding it a bit). Took me years to convince her of this too--after all I am the big sister. Of course I'm sure she's just humoring me. She reminded me recently that when we were kids (she is the middle child) that I would tell her that I was the cinnamon bread and she was the liverswurst of the sandwich. Now I don't recall that really, however I hereby move her up from being the liverswurst to being honey butter.

I love the back cover and it's definitely true that housework can kill you, so I haven't honed my skills there. I love, love my little book and have already enjoyed walking through it many times and discovering something new each time.

I believe I have about 18 of these little books now and every so often I'll pull one or two of them out and enjoy going through their pages seeing all their fun pictures and pieces and remembering the person who made that one book just for me. Right now I have my collection displayed around my sewing room, so they are everywhere tucked into little spots and they fill them up perfectly!

I hope you'll join us in Show & Tell Friday and pop over to Kelli's Place and check out what everyone else has to share. There's always something fun! Happy Weekend!