Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just Checking In

Hi! I haven't left or gotten lost--just been very, very busy. I've been working hard on my new website--Primitive Peddlers that is now a month old. I hope you'll stop by and see all the wonderful artists that we have and see where they can be found and if you're a primitive artist or shop owner we'd love to have you join us!

Last week was Spring break and the husband is also home recouping from some hand surgery. I'm going wig shopping as I'm almost bald! LOL! Ok, really it's not been bad and I haven't pulled out my hair---yet!

I'm also working on a new blog group participation thingy--will let you in on that hopefully here very soon--as soon as I come up for air. And I'm thinking about doing a swap here very soon. I have a couple in mind, just gotta figure out which one to do first.

Spring has finally started to poke it's head in here in SW Idaho. Our snow is mostly melted, although we do have days that we still wake up to find a new covering of the white stuff however it usually melts fairly quickly. I have some iris popping up out of the ground and I can see the garden spot--all filled with big ol' weeds. Need to get a tractor out there to clear them out.

Next week we will be getting 3 baby ducks and 3 baby chicks to add to our little collection of farm fowl, so we're excited about that and have things all ready for their arrival.

That's about it for now, so I guess I'll get back to work and hope you'll stop by and visit me at the new website and don't forget it has it's own BLOG too. Chat at you later! Ü


Rhonda said...

Whew! Love the homestead. Must keep you busy with it's beauty and all. Glad to see you poking your head out. Didn't know what happened to ya. Glad you still have your beautimous tressus about. Tell the family to get out and get the weeds pulled and ready the garden spot for MA! Or Grandpa will be on his way with the horsebat! My kids are on their way home today from VA. Chat at you later Sista.

Karen said...

Wonderful blog, Cathy! I am adding you to my favorites, there...Lady! Thank you!! Karen

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Primitive Peddlers is looking GREAT, Cathy!!! Whoooo!! Whooooo!!!! Now if I can just get organized and join!! :) My best to your hubby and his full recovery from the surgery. Wondering if you are getting the BIG SNOW coming our way tonight and tomorrow??!!!! We've had sooo little here at 6,000 feet this year....but I'd rather see it earlier than April!! April is our 3rd snowiest month, to be expected!!