Thursday, May 1, 2008

Down on the Farm

I thought I'd let you see what we are up to here at home. We have some baby chicks and baby ducks and we're waiting to get the garden planted. Spring comes later here in SE Idaho than the rest of the world.

This weedy part of the pasture is what the garden spot did look like. Aren't the snow covered mountains in the background pretty. On a clear day we can see the tips of the Teton Mountains and in case you're wondering--yes buffalo do really roam that pasture area to the left--4 of them in fact. They live right next door to us.

Ta-da! No more weeds--at least on this half. It's all been very neatly turned and tilled and waiting for our weather to warm up, so we can plant it.

The baby chickies--Mildred, Myrtle and June. They are Araucana chicks that will lay blue colored eggs. Now how fun will that be to get to bake with blue colored eggs! They're only 3 weeks old right now and they look a bit frausy since they are loosing their baby chick fuzz and getting their feathers.

Then we have Weezer, Wilma and Jemima (Puddleduck). The brown ducks are Ruins. They are the domesticated version of mallards with the mallard colorings, but they don't fly. And the little yellow duck--Jemima--is a Pekin duck and will be all white with a big orange beek when she grows up. These little ducks are just 2 weeks old and spoiled already!

And this is what my yard looks like today--all white with fresh snow--on MAY 1st!! This is why the garden hasn't been planted yet--hopefully soon--very soon! And that is Springtime at my house.