Monday, June 16, 2008

A Sad Farewell..... my very favorite purse! Yup, today it died. The strap broke and there is no fixing it and as you can see the middle of the strap is quite worn too. I've had this purse for about 3 years now and I carry it everyday. I'm not one to change purses. I find one I like and use it til I wear it out. This one was a Bellerose that I found at the swap meet when we lived in FL. I love their styles and they weren't too badly priced.

It's seen better days........... It's not a huge purse and it's not a small purse and I really liked the silver details on the front. But.................

.....this is what I liked best about it---the organizer in front right under the flap when you opened it up. No need for a wallet--it's built in. Oh where or where will I find another one! I guess I will have to go shop Ebay, since I no longer live in FL. Gee I hope I can find another purse that I love as much and with an organizer close to this one. Good by dear purse. You were a good and faithful friend, never complaining as we shopped along, through good times and bad, during richer and poorer--mostly poorer. The perfect place to hide my chocolate bars and you even carried my cell phone and you never ever got lost--not even once...........I'm off to shop without you for the very first time. Sniff, sniff!!


Kelli said...

Bye-Bye dear purse, I hope you can find another. This look similar to the Brighton line which I think is owned by Vera Bradley. Good luck on your search:)

Oh... Mercy said...

awww, maybe you can alter it with a leather belt or a man's tie.

I'm searching for the right purse myself again.
(just followed a link from somewhere ??? cruising artsy gals.