Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home Again and Montana Pictures

Home again and what spectacular scenery we have enjoyed these past two trips to Montana. The husband works for a wholesale grocery company and he covers parts of Wyoming and Montana and our youngest daughter and I have went with him a couple of times recently and after seeing what he does and where he goes I don't feel a bit sorry for him when he has to go to work.

Here is just a sampling of where he goes and what we enjoyed and these pictures don't even begin to show how majestic and spectacular Montana is. A good part of our trip was in Glacier Park--where he has to go every week. Poor guy!

I forget exactly where this is in Montana. It's part of the Missouri River and somewhere before you reach Butte. Can't you just imagine having a log cottage here.

And oh the wildlife we've seen! This is one of about 3 moose we saw. He was on the side of the road trying to cross, but the traffic was scaring him. We knew he'd get his chance to cross the road, so the husband pulls over, I jumped out, snapped the pic right as he started across and then back into the van before it got too close. Isn't he fabulous!

This is one of the lakes at Many Glacier in Glacier Park. As you can see still lots of snow and gorgeously green and the water was a beautiful turquoise blue. If you want to escape the summer heat Glacier is the place to be. It's absolutely wonderful! I don't think we ever got much over 75 and the mornings and evenings were sweater cool.

One of my favorite sitings--these majestic Rams on The Road to the Sun in Glacier. The picture doesn't even begin to show how beautiful they are. All total there were about 12 Rams and they just sat there as motorists stopped to take their picture.

This fuzzy little guy is one of many of the mountain goats we saw. This one was in a very small parking area at The Road to the Sun and they just wander around the people and look at us as we look at them.

One of literally hundreds of waterfalls we saw. This is also on The Road to the Sun at Glacier--an absolutely spectacular drive. The husband said it was a shortcut from one side of the park to the other, however I beg to differ as it is about 28 miles of the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen and we had to stop every 20 feet to get out and look around!

I'm not sure which river this is, but it was set in the middle of the most beautiful woods in West Glacier and as you reached the river from the roadside there was a nice sign that read--Entering Grizzly Country and then it listed all the do's and don'ts. We entered Grizzly country on several walking trails, but I never did get to see any of the bears. Not one single one. I guess they were all home waiting for Goldilocks.

We had the most wonderful time and I plan to go back with the husband on his travels at least once or twice more this summer. I forgot to mention that Montana is also full of antique places and quilt shops! I did get to visit a few, but there are many more to visit andI plan to do just that!


Shelley said...

What beautiful pictures. I wan'a go to Montana. Thanks so much for sharing these. Sounds like you all had a wonderful trip.


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Great pics Cathy. I have always wanted to go to Montana. Lucky girl ! Come see me sometime.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I'm still catching my breath! It all looks like a fairy tale. I can't wait to share these photos with my husband. He's always wanting to move us out west ... these photos just might be the clincher!

So glad that you had an opportunity to enjoy the splendor.


Aunt Polly's Attic said...

Your blog is always so great, Cathy!!!! I've given you a blog award. Stop by my blog to pick it up and continue the fun!!! Teresa

papel1 said...

Love your pictures. We use to go yearly to Montana but haven't for awhile. I have bought some neat stuff for auctions in Butte. My relatives live in Helena. My uncle years ago lived on Flathead Lake. Love Glacier.

Gayle said...

Wow Cathy - Isn't that Road to the Sun the most spectacular drive EVER? It's one of my most favorite drives! I think that is where we saw a wolf one summer - a very rare siting!

Joy said...

Gorgeous photos! The photo of the moose crossing the road is spectacular, truly.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful from sea to sea!

Quilt buddy in my Guild is from Montanta--Mom still lives there---but she has become one of us when she visits Kty.

AND AND she echos the wonderful quilt shops and anique shops.

You may want to take THREE trips yet this summer.

Enjoy Carol

Kim Lance said...

WOW!! What a trip!..What sights you saw!..I think I need to go to Montana!..KIM

Cookie said...

Cathy, We rode our motorcycles to Yellowstone, then on to Glacier in MT and finally to Banff National Park.
It was such a memorable 2 week trip, but the most treasured part of the trip was taking the Road to the Sun! In a car, you are mesmerized... on a motorcyle, it's Euphoric ♥
I want to go back and hope that will be our trip next summer!
Thank you for stopping by - I have so admired your work for a very long time!

shweetpotato said...

omgosh what beautiful pics.. LOVE Them, will have to stop in more often :D Carm

Mrs. Staggs said...

My sister-in-law lives in a log home in the mountains of Montana and it is truly a glorious place, and so very beautiful.
I once visited Glacier in the month of October. It's particularly lovely in the Autumn, as is Banff right above it, in Canada. We saw Autumn leaves and snow at the same time.

I've loved seeing that moose!

Lana said...

Cathy ~ makes me want to pack up and move there NOW! Thanks for sharing the photos.