Monday, January 12, 2009

A Few New Treasures

I found a few new treasures at the local thrift store in the past couple of weeks and I've even left a few there--like the wedding dress that was covered in lace and pearls, but was a bit too pricey, but I did get a pretty little wedding head piece for only 5.00 and I got a skirt out of it too for Mae my wire dress form, so that was a pretty good bargain!

Found this beautiful little gravy boat for 1.00 and it matches the little repro square saucer pretty well.

I also got this odd little pink china child's teapot with an ugly dragon/sea monster thing on it for .50. The reason I bought it was because it reminded me of my grandmother. She used to have some ugly plates and a tea cup only in gray with the same ugly little dragon/ sea monster. Not at all like her style, so I have no idea why she had them. I'd like to find out more about it, so if anyone has any clue I hope you'll fill me in.

See Mae's new skirt from the wedding head piece. The headpiece had 2 layers of tuelle and the one was just too long, so I snipped it off and discovered it made a great skirt for my dressform. I'm hoping to someday find an affordable little antiquety china doll or paper mache doll--
Nicol Sayre style doll to display inside the dressform.

Then I also found this lovely orangey chair--yes it needs to be a new color! Something pinky or creamy--anything but this orangey color! I'm thinking of painting it or at the very least slip covering it. Chester the cat says it's comfy to sit in. I'm hoping he'll let me sit in it and stitch on occasion. Now I just need one more chair, so I can sit and stitch with a friend and Chester.