Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Procrastinator's Challenge

Well I missed it! Yup, I missed The Procrastinator's Challenge by 2 days! I guess that's what happens when you procrastinate. LOL! So I've decided to do take the challenge and do it on my own. The on time participants have until February 8th, so I will give myself until the 8th too--or maybe the 10th. We'll see.

Here's a list of part of my UFO's that I've been putting off. I can't show you all of my UFO's, because not only would it be embarrassing, I don't know that Blogger has that much picture space. And keep in mind I am not commiting myself to finishing all of these (I mean let's be realistic!)---just one of these--I hope!

This is actually a new project---not officially a UFO, but it has that potential. It's the front panel of a tote bag that I'm working on and I'm already second guessing the way I'm doing it.

My little punchneedle dolls from a pattern by my friend Teresa Scharp of Aunt Polly's Attic When they're finished they'll be pincushions--now when will that be??? I started these late summer early fall of 2008.

Oh yes the heart in hand stitchery that only lacks about 15-20 more little french knots and a few button type embellishments--that was started in about 2002. Hmmm..that was 7 years ago? Really!? Oh now that's just bad! Oh and by the way all those hearts and that star were filled in with french knots--3 strands of floss--3 twists each. I have since discovered punchneedle and it would have worked beautifully, but I do love making french knots--obviously. LOL!

The Redwork Sewing Lady--I just love and now I forget the name of the pattern designer, so I need to re-find my pattern for her. All she needs is to be framed. I stitched her up, oh about 4 or 5 years ago and she's been living in my UFO drawer ever since. Tsk, tsk!

The Santa Claus stitchery is from a pattern by Country Friends and was a project in Create & Decorate magazine a couple of years ago. I started this one in the fall of 2007 and all it lacks is a few wool embellishments in the corners and then it too can be framed. I just knew I'd have it done for Christmas this last year--ok, so I'll shoot for Christmas of 2009. Do you think I'll make it!?

Now this one I am currently working on! I even stitched on it last night while I watched the husband watch tv. It's from a pattern by Cassie of Never Ending Thread . I started this one oh about 3 or 4 years ago. I'm a really slow stitcher. Hey sounds good!

I have 27 days--or add a few--to finish up at least one of these projects. Anyone wanna make any bets. LOL!