Thursday, January 29, 2009

PIF's, Gifts And Finds

Wow, I don't even know where to start. It's been so busy here and I have lots of things to share, so we'll start with just a few today........

First of all isn't this the most beautifully stitched heart! It came via Royal Mail all the way from Su of Contemplating My Needle & Thread in the UK. Su has done the most elegant and delicate stitching on a very fine linen for this beautiful little piece. My 9 year old daughter was intrigued with the Royal Mail stamp and wanted to know if my mail was from the queen and I told her yes! ;)

Another fun thing about this wonderfully stitched heart is that it is part of a PIF--Pay It Forward, which I will be posting about and starting the first of the week, so keep an eye out. A PIF is a really fun thing to join in on.

Thank you Su! I love it!

Oh be still my heart! LOOK! LOOK! This little gem was sent to me from my folks and I absolutely love it! Rust and all! My dad sent it out to me and he told me he found it at a garage sale this past summer and paid......get this now....... a whopping .50! Yup, 50 cents! Can you believe it! I guess garage sales in Missouri have super bargains! It will be finding a special home in my sewing room, where it can be enjoyed by all. This is so much better than diamonds and the like any day!

Last weekend we went to Utah to visit my brother and his family. They're just a short 3-hour jaunt away and we ended up going to a fabulous antiquety mall where I found this little piece for 1.00! I brought home a few other treasures too, that I still need to take pictures of, so hopefully I can do that over the next few days.

I love this, because it goes with my collection of "quilted" (not sure what the real term for this would be) pieces and my one piece of cottage ware--that I hope to expand on as soon as I find more.

And another big find.....this gorgeous brown Calico pitcher! I have been wanting a piece of this brown calico forever, but can never find an affordable piece. Well I found this one at my favorite thrift store for 8.00! A bit high for thrift stores, but terribly cheap if it were in an antiquety place. And it is stamped on the bottom--Staffordshire England--Calico. And of course the greed in me--I mean the collector part of me would love to find a blue piece--or more brown would be awesome too. hehee! Hey once I get 3 pieces I officially have a collection! Only 2 more to go! By the way I do have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, so if anyone needs a shopping idea here you go....

That's it for today until I can get some more pictures taken.................