Monday, June 29, 2009

A Few New Treasures

Just a few treasures I found this past week while out thrifting and a couple that I brought back from my trip to see my mom in Missouri.........

I was thrilled to find this rose pitcher for only 5.50, but when I got to the counter the gal said it was priced too high and lowered the price! I got it for 3.50 instead! It's not old, but it looks old. It's one of those repros from the 1990's, but I love it old or not.

Another piece I was thrilled to find was this tin from Holland. This one was 3.00, so I snapped it up! I've seen a few tins of this style in different shapes, sizes and colors and I always pass them up and then regret it, so I've officially got my first piece and intend to start a collection of them.

Then I found this rose tin for a whole whopping .50! Again I was thrilled! Do you see a pattern here. LOL! I was just reading Artsy Mama's blog and she has a tin just like it.

Then while visiting my mom she gave me the little pink pitcher for my all things pink collection and while at a flea market there I found the celluloid powder box to go with my celluloid collection. Hmm....think I need another colleciton. The correct answer would be----YES! hehee!

I can't wait for my next adventure treasure hunting to see what goodies are out there to be found!


rockriverstitches said...

Cathy, You sure did find some great treasures! I especially like that little pink pitcher your mom gave you!!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Cathy the pitcher is beautiful you found in MO. Hope you had a nice time visiting you Mother!

You asked if the hydrangeas can stay in a pot. I plan on doing it! I have seen them in them for years, you just need to trim them back. But boy, do they grow wondefully in the ground to!


Catherine said...

The Rose Pitcher and the Powder Box are divine!

Gayle said...

You found some real goodies there Cathy! Ahhh - the thrill of the hunt!

Jeanne said...

Great finds! I have a tin like the first one you pictured. I love tins, especially if they have quilt or xs patterns on them.

UPON A HILL said...

You found some really nice finds. The pitcher is beautful. Love the celluloid piece.

Crystal said...

I have a tin similar to that one. :)