Friday, August 21, 2009

I Need A Quilt Designer

Because I would love to make this quilt, but I want the whole pattern. Isn't it gorgeous!

This is Flower Basket Petit Point by Grace Snyder and it's made from 87,789 tiny pieced triangles (no there's no typo). The triangles are a mere 3/8 inches big or should I say small. Am I crazy to want to make this. I'm sure I am, but look how beautiful it is!

I found this in a Better Homes & Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting book (1985) (not my auction, but Amazon had no photos available and this book is chock full of awesome quilts--worth the 5.00 it's listed for).

Here's a closeup of the main block and the pattern is given for it in the book---I added it below, but I want to make the entire quilt like we see in the photo, so that's why I need a quilt designer! Who knows maybe one will decide they too just have to make this quilt and make up a pattern for the complete quilt.

Here's what they have in the book. These are scans, so they should be easy to read if you click on them to enlarge them. If you should by chance draft up the rest of the pattern please let us all know. ;)

Happy Stitching!


Cindy B said...

Isn't it lovely! (While you are at it, make me one too Cathy! LOL LOL) Now this is a lady that truly is an gorgeous!

KimV said...

OM GOODNESS! and I thought I was crazy! It is absolutey beautiful... good luck! lol!

Dena said...

The quilt is beautiful, but the piecing instructions are a little scary. LOL Good luck!

Rhonda said...

I don't get why you need a designer? You have the instructions. Can't you just follow those? Usually you can make something with out the instructions. I am the one that has to have the instructions. But I guess my other questions is WHY? WHY? WHY? That would take more than a life time. Just buy it! It is gorgeous!

The Stupifid Sista

Mrs. Staggs said...

It is so pretty Cathy, and it reminds me of a pattern that I copied from an original quilt to give to my grandmother many years ago. The people that I worked for had a similar quilt hanging in their kitchen. I spent a bit of time copying it to graph paper for my grandma. She made it, and it was beautiful, but it disappeared when she passed away. We haven't a clue where it ended up.

I hope you do make this one. I'd love to see it!

Gayle said...

Cathy - That quilt is totally awesome - I found a plate at the thrift store - the same pattern that inspired her quilt - I love it. If you haven't read it yet, you really need to get a copy of the book that is about her life - it's a really good read. Can't remember what the title is - I read it years ago.

venus said...

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