Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Kind Of Eggs Are These?

Do you know what kind of eggs these are? Look real close now. Are you sure you've guessed right? They are duck eggs--well except for that round dimpled one in the center. I'm not sure who laid the golf ball.

Our lone duck, Wilma has been busy laying all of these little eggs recently and fluffing her nest, safely tucked under the peony bush against the house. We recently lost her mate, Butternut, so we're not sure if these are eggs that will hatch, but there is a very good possibility, so we've been keeping an eye on them. We suppose she found the golf ball in the yard and decided it must have belonged in her nest. I wonder what she'll think when it's the only egg not to hatch. Poor little duck.

Here's Wilma, just coming back from a swim in the canal. We'll both keep you posted on any hatching news. Quack!


Connie said...

You gave me my first laugh of the day, honey!! LOL LOL LOL Does someone in your family golf?!

Anonymous said...

What a good mother you are Wilma.


Dena said...

How funny for Wilma to add the golf ball to her collection of eggs. If they all hatch, you're going to have a lot of little ducklings wandering around.

June said...

Hi Cathy,
A golf ball in the nest. That is really funny. What an ugly duckliing that would be if it were to hatch.

Cheryl said...

What a sweet post, and sorry Wilma lost her mate. The golf ball there is just priceless. Thanks for visiting my blog and so nice to find's wonderful!! I am going out today to look for the magazine you mentioned in one of your earlier posts. I have never seen that one before.

Julie said...

Hi Cathy--thanks for commenting on my blog. I went to high school in southeast Idaho--Declo!! I grew up in Grouse Creek-have you heard of that? It's a small world. Have a great day. Julie

debi said...

OMGosh! We had ducks years ago, and one of the females was named Wilma. Small world.
Love the golf ball egg...that's the kind of 'eggs' I find in my yard.

SharDon Exclusives said...

Oh, how funny! Wilma has already named that ball "FOUR!". Keep us posted, I hope they ALL hatch cute little goslings & "FOUR"...sharon