Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Joined Facebook

I just joined Facebook and I have no idea why. I've always been sure I would NOT join in, but you know how every once in awhile you get a wild hare and do something anyway--well that's what I did, so now I'll see how it goes. It's different from a blog, so I'll have to figure that out--you know just what one should share on Facebook vs. a blog--which I know I need to get back to and I will. Still in the moving process---in limbo as I wait for things to gel together. UGH! But I know it'll get there, so in the meantime I suppose I'll follow wild hares and try to find some fun blog fodder--and figure out Facebook.


Cindy B said...

I found you there already Cath...have fun with will be surprised how many of us are there and old friends that will find you.

hiddenacre said...

You'll get the hang of it, just take it slow and it will all come together! ~Violet~