Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting Closer

Maybe life will start getting somewhat normal again--well not totally normal, but at least with a routine or some sort of stability. I found an apartment the other day, not a fancy one, but it will do better--better than the heavy duty appliance box I was beginning to eye AND I went to the thirft store, a junque store and a couple of garage sales Saturday--and found treasures! I haven't done any of that in at least 6 months!! I should even have pictures soon! Can't wait to get my stuff out of storage--well not all of it, because it won't all fit, but at least some of it. It'll be like Christmas--in August!


KeLLy aNN said...

I was never more alive than when I divorced from my first marriage.
After 8 years of unhappiness, it was sheer bliss. Some of my most memorable times happened in that apartment, including, meeting the man I would end up marrying four years later.
It was my space, peaceful, just LoVeLy. We still live in the same neighborhood, just in a house now.
good luck to you!

Such a Lost Girl said...

Neat-O! When do you move out of the Appliance Box?

You will love it! This is your first time alone! Whew who!

Nobodys rules but your own! I tell you it is great! Make sure that little girl knows that!

No boy junk anywhere! Life is good! Get to know the hot stud next door. I am sure you will need him for something. You can't always depend on your son or brother!

Get out and socialize! It is a big world and you are a big girl! But make them pay for dinner. It is a hard rule for them to understand! But they are not worth it if they don't understand it! Sheesh! Take it from me! Dang it! I know!

We want pics of the new abode.

Your favorite Sista

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Good luck...hope you get up and running real soon :)

Angela said...

Glad you are making your new nest. It will be lovely I am sure. Just needs some of your lovely touches and your pretties to make it a home.

hiddenacre said...

Can't wait to see your pictures of your new stuff! And I'm glad to know you don't have to move into an appliance box!!!

dragonflydreamer said...

Fear has kept me in a marriage that has pretty much sucked all of the life out of me. I think you are on a brave new adventure and I am cheering you on all the way! I am looking forward to the photos of your new apartment. Good luck!

Whimsey Creations said...

Now girl it would have to be a pretty big appliance box to hold all those prims you love LOL I'm so glad you've finally found a place to light. Now make it yours!

Nigea said...

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Josh said...

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Kathy said...

Good for you! I am glad you found a nice little place. Have fun making it cozy with some of your special touches.