Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally Moved In!

I am finally moved into my new little sugar pink cottage...........wait! Sorry! That's my daydream. I am finally moved into my small, little very non-pink, non-cottage apartment. I just imagine it to look like the photo. Hey a girl can dream can't she. I'd love to have a darling little sugar pink cottage, but until then I'll just collect sweet treasures to go inside my sugar pink cottage someday. Don't you just love the heart details on this little house. Sigh......

In the meantime I am unpacking and trying to figure out what to put where etc and hopefully will be back to some regular blogging very soon. I also feel the creative urge simmering and ready to create something for fall and Christmas. It's getting to be the best time of the year!


Dogpatch Primitives said...

Hi Cathy. I've been thinking about you and admiring your wonderful attitude of strength as you travel though lifes ups and downs. You are inspiration to me.
I love the pretty pink house, but even more I appreciate your beautiful attitude and wisdom to hold on to your dreams!
I hope some day you get your house, but in the meantime, I know wherever you dwell, it will be a wonderful place, just by having your presence. Anything else is a bonus!

Thank you for showing all of us that we can make it through lifes storms, and what an important role our attitude plays in it all.

Looking up to you :)


The French Bear said...

Welcome to your new home!!! I was just thinking how wonderful it was that you lived in a pink house......awww, I really wanted it to be yours. I had a pink house, it was my dream home, then another woman stole it along with everything else.....but that was in another life and really, now they want to sell it and it won't sell......hmmm, what goes around comes around?
I am just glad that you are still blogging!!!!
Margaret B

Marilyn said...

That is one cute house, but, it's what you have in your heart that makes any house a HOME. Good luck on getting yours just the way you want it! ♥♫

Such a Lost Girl said...

Cute house! I have a solution for you! Give the little girl some pink paint and a paint brush! Wella! Tell her to paint until her little heart is content! She can paint hearts can't she? There you go! Problem solved! She can take care of the outside as you are decorating the inside! I can hardly wait to see what you do with the inside. Daddy told me what you have named your new abode. "BELIEVE" It will become yours and home! You will love it! I will send you a big glossy of me and REX to adorn your walls. That will do it for sure! That along with what the little girl does on the outside will be perfect! all works out in the end!

Your just as crazy as you sista!
Love ya

Whimsey Creations said...

Cathy, glad you're all moved in. And I echo everyone else who said that wherever you roost, you will make into your home. Big hugs!

Karen June Miller said...

Thank God for imaginations! My travels are so rich because of my inventive mind. If only people could see what I see!

I'm sure you will make this new home marvelous! You are already inspiring!


Barb Phillips said...

Good for you Cathy. I hope all went well. Some time soon there might be a home right next to me that will be available and in your price range. I will let you know when that come open.

The Wooden Acorn said...

Hi Cathy,

Home is Where the Heart shall do well wherever you go.

I love the picture of pink never know.

Best wishes to you.