Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting This Blog Going Again & David Taylor Quilts

Here it's been nearly 6 whole months that I've let my poor blog sit here ignored and neglected and so I figure it's high time to get it back up and going again. So without further delay here we go!........................

David Taylor at the Snake River Valley Quilt Guild in Idaho Falls, Idaho..................

Last night our guest speaker at quilt guild was the very talented and very funny quilt artist extraordinaire David Taylor. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring evening. David is as good a comic as he is a quilter and his journey's story to how his career into quilting came to be was also very interesting.

His work is truly amazing and all of the hours and the total process of how they come to be is really quite something. All of his quilts are hand appliqued in tiny little pieces with hundreds of pieces of fabrics used to create the vivid colorations and on top of that he uses color after color of thread changing the thread colors as he quilts--sometimes every few inches! These quilts are quite labor intensive.

This quilt is Tinker the goat, taken from a photo, as he does all of his quilts. Tinker was definitely one of my favorites. His chicken quilt was probably my next favorite, however we didn't see it, because it belongs to a private collection in Provence, France.

This is the back--yes the back of the Tinker quilt. Is that not absolutely amazing and just a gorgeous as the front! All of David's quilts are like this. A double sided work of art.
David said that he likes to make a quilt and then sell it and when he sells a quilt it's enough to buy a new jeep. Now that's some serious quilting money!

A close up of Tinker. This is on my cell camera, so the quality is very poor, but the work is absolutely amazing to see and touch in person. Tinker is listed on David's website for a mere $9000.

This is a close up of the barn wood he created in this piece. I love all of his Colorado Barn Series. Many, many pieces of different fabrics--that he will only use one time in a quilt.

If you ever have the opportunity to go and listen to David or take a class or view his work it is well worth it!

And I just have to share this adorable hand appliqued quilt that was shown at guild's Show n Tell last night. I don't know the lady's name who made this, but she started it in the 70's and just recently finished it and it's definitely in vogue again today. She used clothing of family members and each owl is hand appliqued using the satin stitch. That's a lot of stitching! She said if she had started this quilt today she certainly wouldn't have done it by hand. How our quilting has changed in the last 30 years!