Sunday, March 20, 2011

Don’t Throw Away the Mail!

Because you never know what may be in it! The other day I received a card from the Nielson Company saying that I was chosen to participate in their TV ratings. Well I wasn’t interested, so I tossed the card into the post office recycle bin and went on my way.

This evening I went to check the mail at the PO, got in the car and there was the big envelope from Nielson. I thought I should go back and drop it into the recycle bin, but decided I was too lazy to go back in, so home I drove. I thumbed through my new Mary Jane’s Farm magazine—great issue as always—and then I opened the big Nielson envelope on my way to the trash, but wait! There were two, one dollar bills in that envelope. Real ones! Now just think if I had tossed that into the recycle bin! Now I’m sitting here wondering how many Nielson envelopes might be sitting in the recycle bin. Maybe I should call the PO tomorrow and give them a heads up. Moral of the story—Don’t throw away the mail until you open it up first—there might be a nice surprise inside.


Crystelle Boutique said...

what a great find!

Curtains In My Tree said...

And how do I get on the Neilson mail list? LOL