Thursday, June 28, 2007

Covered Tape Measure

I'm doing a Covered Tape Measure swap on the Crazy About Pincushions Yahoo group and this is the one I sent my partner today. I don't think she knows about my blog--so I don't think she'll see it. It's my first try at a little bit of silk ribbon embroidery and I so enjoyed it. I did her initial--T--and then added the roses, rosebuds and leaves with a bit of feather stitching and beads on white wool. The tab should have been at the side or bottom and as you can see I goofed and it's at the top and the scanner squished my roses a bit, but all in all I think it came out fairly well and I think I'll try a few more of these, they're really rather fun to stitch up.


Gayle said...

Cathy - She's gonna LOVE it!

Cathy said...

Thanks Gayle! :)

Cathy :)

NeNe said...

Very Pretty. I love it too.