Friday, June 1, 2007

Treasures--Today & Yesterday

I've had 2 days of treasures! First was yesterday when my very dear friend Donna sent me a box full of treasures! She spoils me royally--and often! Here are only a few of the things she sent me. First is this beautiful sign for my friendship garden that she handpainted and woodburned. It will stand on little legs in the garden that several of my online friends have been so wonderful to send me flower seeds for my friendship garden. Donna also sent me tons of flowers to plant! Marigolds, Iris, Poppies, Balsam flowers, Cone flowers and a few others that escape my memory at the moment. My yard will be gorgeous!

Then she added this darling Raggedy Ann & Andy book--she keeps my Ann & Andy collection well stocked and also these awesome antique/vintage seam bindings. I love seam binding! Also there were ribbons and threads, crepe paper and 2 fabulous pairs of hemostats! I hope I didn't forget anything, but there was sooo much and I loved it all! Thank you Donna! Big hugs to you!

Then today I got out and got to have some fun running around and visited my local quilt shop--The Quilted Daisy and bought a few fat quarters for my stash of civil war print and 1930's print repros, along with a calendar by Kim Diehl

( )that I've been wanting and finally got! and a really neat quilt pattern called Grandma Hansen's Aprons--that of course will require more fabric to be added to the stash! I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but the pattern is actually in a little muslin bag with the picture printed onto it. A really unique way to sell a pattern I think!
Then at the thrift shop I found a few quilting magazines, a really cute stitchery and applique booklet and a beehive bobbin--for 50 cents!!
Here's a close up of the little house patterns that are found in these two issues. I have a thing for little house quilts and have decided I must see how many patterns for them I can find--how many I'll make--well we'll see--but hopefully a bunch!
Then I topped it all off with a trip to one of my favorite craft stores and not being a scrapbooker I was however taken with these paperies and had to have them! Actually I do have a specific project for them this month. Now if only I can make myself cut them up!

It's been a wonderful 2 days of treasures and then tomorrow morning the husband, young daughter and I will hit some garage sales. I sure hope I'm blessed with a good treasure haul then too!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Cathy!! I love all your great items by Donna. She does spoil you, doesn't she? That story about the old lady was wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your house quilt, what a great idea!
Keep writing!