Sunday, August 19, 2007

Double Rainbow

Friday evening we had a nice little rain complete with lightening and thunder--I love a good thunder storm! We had run out to the grocery store and when I came out people were standing at the doors pointing upwards and sure enough they were looking at a big full beautiful rainbow--a double rainbow! As soon as we got home I dashed in and grabbed my camera and went outside to snap some pics. If you look closely you can see the outter double rainbow. This one lasted for quite sometime and I was happy to actually get a good picture of it.


ann said...

Don't you just love rainbows?? I do!!! A couple of weeks ago, i think we had a rainbow everyday for about 6 days in a row...Mother Nature at her best!!
luv Ann.xx

Angela said...

Rainbows represent God's Promise and after reading today's news just now, well your post was perfect timing. Thank you for sharing.