Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quilt Guild Sewing Room Tour

This past week I finally made it to our local quilt guild meeting for the first time and just in the nick of time! They were holding a Sewing Room tour today! There were 8 sewing rooms on the tour--4 of which I made it to and 2 of which I took photos of.

This first one was my overall favorite! It's hard to tell, but she had a huge space and all organized into stations. This first picture is the area where she did her sewing, had her design wall and part of her stash. There was also a wonderful walk in closet with even more fabric and goodies--you'll just have to imagine that part.

The design wall is made from the poly styrofoam stuff you can get at home building stores and then she capped off the ends with some metal piece--made for capping off stuff--very technical I know. Then she covered it with muslin. This beautiful quilt she said she had started over 20 years ago and is a hand applique using the bias method.

A nice little corner to work in with her light box and yes the lady with the dog is the lucky owner of this beautiful sewing studio. Her name is Dee.

Another view of this part of her studio and part of her stash.

Now we are out in the larger area of her studio. A beautiful antique sewing machine where she stores her many quilting rulers. This pretty little cabinet is where she stores some of her bolts of fabric. What a nifty idea! A view of her sitting area for hand stitching and you can see just a bit there in front of the chair to the left is where she has a quilt frame set up with a Grandmother's Flower Garden on it.
The walls in her studio are a beautiful robin's egg blue--not the gray or lavendar that is showing up.

What a neat cutting table. There are leaves that fold up on both ends and each of those drawers are neatly stuffed with fat quarters!

This gorgeous sewing room was complete with a fireplace! What a wonderful place to sit and sew on a cold snowy winter day. And what a perfect place for the tv--it's not taking up valuable shelf space.

At each home we signed their guest log and there was a paper pieced pattern of a different little house waiting at each one, which made a nice little treasure to take home--especially since I like little house blocks.

I also learned a neat tip from one gal--she had rolls of paper on a heavy dowel hanging from her ceiling and she said it was Sani Paper--like what you find on the beds in a doctors office. It can be purchased cheaply she said, from medical supply stores and she said it was great for tracing paper and that it was her favorite paper to use of paper piecing. This same lady also used a file holder/sorter much like this one....

to hold her sewing rulers and she had some quite large rulers that sat in it and it's much cheaper than most of the quilting ruler holders.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the Sewing Room Tour as much as I did. I think it would make a great tour idea for any quilt guild and I can't wait til next year--I'm going to go to all of them!


kelley said...


love the idea of a quilter's house tour...wonder how long it took them to straighten the place up enough to finally going to get back to my local group after a few years away...hope they will be doing some fun stuff like this too!

Kat Lees said...

Can I come and play in your studio, it is absolutely breath taking...very nice, I will trade spaces for sure, Kat Lees