Friday, August 31, 2007

Show & Tell Friday--Pumpkin Doll

Here we are again--another Show & Tell Friday hosted by Kelli , so don't forget to pop over and check out the other Show & Tells.

My sister is eagerly awaiting my Show & Tell Friday as I sit here and type and she's several states away, so here ya go Rhonda. This is my favorite pumpkin doll and since fall is just around the corner I thought I'd have her sit for her picture, posed next to a pumpkin from our garden. Isn't she cute and see how nicely she sits with a great big smile! Very photogenic! LOL! An online friend--Bridget White made her for me several years ago and I just love her. She sits out year round, so I can enjoy her--she pouts if I put try to box her up with the other decorations. I'm not sure that you can see it, but she's sitting on a pumpkin table runner made for me by my good friend Trudy Stubbs. I can't wait to pull out all the other fall decor!
As of today only 23 more days til the official start of Fall! Yippee! I had so wanted pumpkins in our garden this year and the husband insisted--NO Pumpkins! Well guess what--I have pumpkins and I didn't plant them--they came up volunteer from last year--or as I prefer to think of it--my Fairy God Mother planted them for me. They're sprouting up right in between the squash plants and trailing off on their merry way with a trail of little round pumpkins dangling from the vines just waiting to turn a brilliant fall orange! I hope to have my front porch and steps covered in pumpkins! Next year I'm planting giant pumpkins and jadite green pumpkins--can't wait to see those!


ellen b said...

Now you are getting me excited for Fall. I think it's fun when people re-do decor around the seasons or holidays...enjoy!

Penless Thoughts said...

Cute pumkin doll! I'd say God blessed you with your pumkins this year.

Mica Garbarino said...

very sweet. I cannot wait for Fall. That is my favorite time of year. Are you really putting out fall stuff now ??? I am working on new dolls for Fall and just finished a painting. I may share that on my Garboodles blog later..but if ya want to peek it is on my website then under Ebay button. I enjoy your blog as well just wanted you to know see ya soon.


Lana G! said...

I will be working on getting my fall decor together this weekend! Definitely a great season to decorate for!

Barbara H. said...

What a unique doll! How neat about the volunteer pumpkins!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Neat fall decorations! Glad you are getting some pumpkins this year - a special blessing from above!


Anita said...

Me too, I can't wait to put my fall decorations out in the garden! And harvest my own pumpkins! But unfortunately, due to the wet and rather cold weather we had this summer, my pumpkings are not at all as big and as many as my last year's crop.

Best wishes from Germany,

Kelli said...

What a sweet pumpkin doll, I love it! I'm excited about fall too! What a nice fairy godmother you
have, ;0)