Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh My Friends Do Spoil Me!

I am always amazed at how blessed I am to have some of the wonderful friends that I have! Yesterday my mail box was better than Christmas! I had 2 pkgs from ornie swaps and 2 surprise packages from friends.

Look at this! It's the pink Spodeware I had on my Wishy Wanty List (I now have 2 of my wishes granted and one of them twice!) I absolutely love, love, love this! Valerie Hanchett is my friend who spoiled me but good! She sent me not only these two gorgeous pieces of pink and brown Spodeware , (did I mention I love it!) but also a beautiful CD--For the Beauty of the Earth by Mark Geslison and Geoff Groberg. (make sure to listen to the sample music). I have listened to it several times and will be listening to it way more as I eat the wonderful chocolate truffles she sent along and yes I still have a few--4 to be exact, but rest assured they will be gone before the afternoon. hehee! Thank you so much Valerie!

I also have a piece of gorgeous yellow Spodeware given to me by another wonderful friend (my Whatever Fairy ;) ) that I just love and will be hanging them in my kitchen along the soffits as part of my transfareware collection, which is beginning to grow!

Not only was I blessed with this, but then my friend Donna Anderson of Canada sent me a most wonderful pattern and a really sweet little flower kit. When I opened her envelope I couldn't believe it, because just yesterday morning I was looking at a pattern that I've been wanting and just hadn't purchased yet, but now I was ready for it, for a project I'm working on and I knew I couldn't order it and have it arrive in the time that I needed it by, so I moved on. Well lo and behold there in my mail yesterday afternoon was that very pattern! This one by Crab Apple Hill Studios I couldn't believe it! Guess you know what I'll be stitching on this afternoon. Thank you so much Donna!

Didn't I tell you I have the most wonderful friends! They are so very sweet and generous and I am tickled pink at being so divinely spoilt! Thank you! :)