Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Date Book & Updates

I've got a nasty cold and have fallen behind in my blogging duties! I'm behind in posting and behind in my blog reading! And behind in keeping up the Blog Events Dex blog. Oh there's so much that has happened in Blogland that I've missed!

Other dear husband has finally went back to work after being out of work for 10 months and we moved our oldest daughter (26) out of the house, so now I have a spare room to turn into an exercise room! Right now it's empty and I have no exercise equipment, so I guess I can just walk circles around it until I can get an eliptical, treadmill and stationery bike and an extra tv. I think I'll be walking circles for quite sometime. LOL!

The halloween decorations are being packed away and the turkey collection is coming out! I have gingerbread cookies to make to decorate my November tree with and Thanksgiving dinner plans to make. I also have a couple of swaps to finish and get started on—pictures coming as things progress.

And now for my new 2010 date book......

Birds of a Feather by Jean Lowe and Greg Johnson (Andrews McMeel Publishing Co). It's so lovely! This is the front cover and the picture above it is the back cover. See I told ya it was pretty. It looks like a turn of the century ledger. (I ordered it through

At the start of each season is a beautiful scrappy page with a pretty bird...........

....and wonderful verse to go with it.....

....and on every other page is also a little bird shadow with a quote. Beautiful and inspirational.

I think instead of using it as a datebook, I'm going to use it more as a journal. I'm an awful journal keeper, so I'm thinking surely I can fill in this much space each day or close to each day and then tuck in little mementos here and there. I'm looking for some pretty paper to go along with it, so that on the rare occasion when I have more to say than will fit into the allotted space I can have it overflow onto the pretty paper and tuck it into the proper page. I love this book and it's been so inspiring already and I haven't even begun to use it!